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Information provided by Star Soccer Review
Stars Soccer Review

Stars Soccer Review Magazine CONCACAF 2014 WCQ Hex Projection

Aldwyn McGillBy Aldwyn McGill
Soccer Analyst

Producer- Stars Soccer Review Magazine

Description: C:\My Web Sites\mexico.gifMexico …..Will advance but it will not be as easy as the previous semi-final round when they clinched with two games in hand There are 10 games to play in the Hex and Mexico may find out that the last two might be their most important while their undefeated WCQ run could also be a thing of the past.

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CONCACAF 2014 WC Qualifer Projection

Jamaica Football Magazine
Stars Launch Jamaica Football

Description: C:\My Web Sites\usa.gifUSA no a sure bet to qualify for an automatic spot in the first three with the way Panama and Honduras have played. USA performance in the last round was not that impressive but their soccer/football program is the best in the region. Since they literally play some of their home games without the 12th man advantage the United States will prove once again that preparation and tactical readiness are key factors in winning close games

Description: C:\My Web Sites\panama.gifPanama... was the best performing (besides Mexico) and most consistent team in the semis but nothing is a given in the Hexagonal round. With their explosive style of play Panama will also have to concentrate on keeping their emotions in check. At the least, Panama should be in the first four finishers, but a means to their end will be early results at home. Panama plays 3 of their 4 first matches at home and failure to take advantage will put them a great disadvantage.

Description: ...made a late surge in the semi final round to win its Group C. But the jury is out on how good the team really is. In a must win situation they defeated Canada 8-1 to advance, but Los Catrachos also lost at home against Panama to open the round. With none of the teams losing at home in the 2010 Hex' and Honduras opening their 2014 Hex' schedule at home against USA and Mexico respectively ait sets the stage for where their campaign is heading.

Description: C:\My Web Sites\costa rica.gifCosta Rica.... Advanced after playing one decisive game to advance against El Salvador where they won 1-0. However, just like they did against El Salvador, El Ticos has the players and the style of play to get positive results against their Central American neighbours. Their schedule is a bit different  to the other in that they play their first two games on the road against Panama and and USA. So expect to make a late surge with a realistic chance to be the team to change the complexion of the CONCACAF final four race.

Description: C:\My Web Sites\jamaica sm.gifJamaica ... Did what it had to do to advance to the Hex, but was the only team which needed help. The Reggae Boyz did not help the JFF cause to harness support for home field advantage. The Boyz failed to advance to the final four at the Caribbean Championships. Home field is what usually separates teams in the Hex and without it the Reggae Boyz will find the mission to 2014 Brazil near impossible. With home field advantage and a revamped offense the sky is the limit to what Jamaica can achieve

Read more in the Stars Soccer Review is not affiliated with the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF). All contents Copyright 1998-2015, Paul Anthony Worldwide,Inc. or to their respective owners. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate or redistribute in any form without permission. Established 1997. More disclaimer and other important stuff. email:

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